frequently asked questions



  1. Must shirt orders be at least a dozen pieces?  We require a minimum of 12 pieces, but the 12 pieces can be a mix of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and etc. 
  2. Are shirts cheaper in children’s sizes?  Actually, youth sizes tend to cost the same or a little more than adult sizes, but we charge the same price as an adult size. 
  3. Can I bring in my own items to be printed or embroidered? Yes, but they must be new items and we will charge you a per piece price for printing or embroidery.
  4. What if I want to have multiple colored items printed and the ink color needs to change? We often print the same design using different inks on different color items, but it requires an ink change for which we charge. Cleaning, retaping and reloading ink takes some time.
  5. Can I bring in my leather jacket to get embroidered? We will not embroider leather. It’s just too difficult to work with and we would hate to damage a valuable leather item.
  6. What can you embroider? A lot of things. It depends if the area you want to be embroidered can be hooped or contained within the hoop that defines the stitching area.
  7. I see you actually sell and print shirts that have rhinestones and glitter in the design. Is there anything special to do when washing these items? With all-screen printed clothing, with or without rhinestones or glitter, we recommend turning the item inside out, washing in cold. Tumble dry medium. Items with rhinestones and glitter must be drip-dried. The heat of a dryer will melt the adhesive.
  8. Do you have a graphic design department or do I have to provide my own art? We do have an in house graphic designer and we can work with you to create your unique design. If you have a design we can certainly use it. 
  9. What type of file do you need if I am providing my own design? No matter the software you use or if you freehanded the design, the end file needs to be a vector-based design and so the end file needs to be an .eps,  .ai, or .cdr file.
  10. What if I don’t have a vector-based file?  You can work with our graphic design department to make a non-vector artwork into vector artwork. If the design is complex or time-consuming, charges may be applicable.